Sleep - Calming Balm

A 100% natural soothing & calming formula. Gently pacifies senses...

$10.00 AUD From $8.50 AUD

Sleep Therapy - Body & Pillow Mist

Quick drying non-oily natural mist to promote deep restful sleep....

$40.00 AUD $25.00 AUD

Sleep Intense - Dream Essence Mist

An intense pacifying & cooling blend of powerful Ayurveda herbs...

$50.00 AUD

Sleep Intense Dream Balm With Paper Tube

An intense pacifying & comforting blend of powerful Ayurveda herbs...

$26.00 AUD

Peace - Soothing Balm

A 100% natural cooling, soothing & relaxing formula. Helps relieve...

$18.00 AUD From $12.50 AUD

Aloe Vera Lemon Mint - Cracked Heel Relief Balm

A 100% natural intensive formula for relief from cracked heel...

From $18.00 AUD

Happy - Uplifting Balm

A 100% natural formula. Refreshes & invigorates, promoting positive energies...

From $18.00 AUD

Lemongrass Mandarin - Intensive Hand Cream

A natural revitalizing treatment enriched with vitamin-rich Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm,...

$16.00 AUD $14.00 AUD

Green Mint- Cooling Foot Relief

A natural formula to soften & revive over worked, tired...

From $18.00 AUD

Frankincense Kaffir Lime - Intensive Hand Cream

A natural renewing treatment enriched with a revitalising blend of...

$16.00 AUD $14.00 AUD

Neroli Jasmine - Hair Cleanser

A gentle cleansing formula with naturally calming & hydrating Ayurveda...

$28.00 AUD

Sandalwood Vetiver Hair Cleanser

An extra-gentle cleansing formula with naturally warming & invigorating herbs...

$28.00 AUD

Comfort - Relieving Balm

100% natural fast action comforting & calming relief from fatigue...

$34.00 AUD From $18.00 AUD

De-Stress - Harmonising Essence Mist

A calming & refreshing natural mist blended powerful Ayurveda herbs...

$50.00 AUD $28.00 AUD

De-Stress - Harmonising Balm Roll On

A calming & relaxing natural balm with powerful Ayurveda herbs...

$24.00 AUD $22.00 AUD

Peace - Relaxing Body And Pillow Mist

A soothing & protective mist with a blend of herbs...

$35.00 AUD $24.00 AUD

De-Stress - Calming Body Elixir

A harmonizing & hydrating elixir blended with powerful Ayurveda herbs...

$48.00 AUD $29.00 AUD

Sleep Gift Time Set

A selection of indulgent Ayurveda bath & body care formulae...

$60.00 AUD

Peace - Essential Oil Blend

A unique blend of essential oils to promote total peace...

$30.00 AUD

Sandalwood Vetiver Hair Conditioner

A total-care conditioner enriched with naturally balancing herbs & fragrant...

$30.00 AUD